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Raw material form :
The coriander powder is prepared by grinding clean and dry coriander fruits
Dehydrated form :
The coriander powder is ground to such a fineness that all of it passes through a 500micron Sieve.
Colour :
It may range from yellowish brown to grey
Flavour :
The coriander powder has its characteristic pleasant taste & flavour.
Impurity or contamination :
The coriander powder is free from dirt, mould growth, insect infestation and rodent contamination.
Chemical characteristics :
# Characteristic Requirement
1. Moisture on dry basis, percent by mass, Max 9
2. Total ash on dry basis, percent by mass, Max 7
3. Acid insoluble ash on dry basis, percent by mass, Max 1.5
4. Volatile oil on dry basis, percent (v/m), Min 0.1
5. Salmonella, in 25 g Absent
Packaging :
Inner Packing : Aluminum Foil Bag or poly-bags
Outerpacking : cartons
Storage :
Store in cool and dry place, with the shelf life of 360 days.

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