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Raw material form :
The ginger, whole, is the rhizomes of Zingiber officinale Rose in pieces irregular in shape and size not less than 20 mm in length or in small cut pieces, pale brown in colour
Dehydrated form :
Ginger whole, Ginger ground
Colour :
The material is free from added colours.
Flavour :
The taste and flavour of ginger, whole or ground, is characteristic and wholesome.
Impurity or contamination :
The ginger, whole or ground, is free from visible moulds and insect infestation.
Chemical characteristics :
# Characteristic Requirement
1. Moisture, percent by mass, Max 12
2. Total ash, percent by mass, Max 7
3. Water soluble ash, Min 1.9
4. Acid-insoluble ash, percent by mass, Max (without any anticaking agents) 1
5. Cold water soluble extract, percent by mass 11.4
6. Volatile oil, percent by mass, Min 1.5
7. Lead (Pb), ppm, Max 10
8. Calcium (as CaO), percent by mass, Max 1
9. Alcohol soluble extract, percent by mass, Min 5.1
10. Salmonella (in 25g) Absent
Packaging :
Inner Packing: Aluminum Foil Bag or poly-bags
Outerpacking: cartons
Storage :
Store in cool and dry place, with the shelf life of 360 days.

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